Corporate Etiquette

In today’s fast-past business environment, successful customer relationships are often built on first impressions.  For some professionals, meeting people for the first time can be intimidating and some social situations can be awkward.

At BARJON, we provide a roadmap that explains the basic rules of professional etiquette.  From introducing yourself to what fork to use when dining, you will gain the confidence needed to build lasting relationships.

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Social Skills for Any Business Situation

Communication Skills

Strengthen conversation and networking skills
Handle any business situation with confidence and ease by enhancing your social communication skills.

Interviewing Skills

Master the interview with ease
Learn how to interview to create the the best impression and receive the offer.

Professional Image

Create a positive lasting impression
Ensure all employees create a professional image for themselves and the organization.

Dining Etiquette

Be confident in any dining situation
A savvy diner is able to focus on relationship building rather than which utensils to use.

What Will You Learn?

  • Why first impressions are lasting
  • What your handshake says about you
  • How what you say is as important as what you do
  • How professional etiquette skills will help you build a successful career