Special Event Etiquette & Planning

Formal events can be rather intimidating if you are unsure of social nuances required. Whether you are attending a special event or planning one for yourself, you can have the confidence and poise with the knowledge of proper etiquette at protocol.

At BARJON, we will prepare you to attend any special event with confidence and ease.  If you are planning a special event, we also can assist in the planning and management of the event so you can enjoy the event knowing all the details are handled by the BARJON team.

Dining Etiquette

The do's and don'ts for any dining experience
Attend any event with confidence knowing the proper way to dress, dine and conduct yourself.

Dress for Success

Your attire will determine your first impression
Select the proper attire for each event to make that lasting impression.

Social Etiquette

Hand shakes, introductions and conversation
Learn how to start a conversion, keep it going, and how to exit gracefully.

Event Planning

Let us take care of the details
We are experts at planning and managing special events including private parties, weddings and business events.

What You Will Learn

  • How to dress appropriately for the occassion
  • Understanding place settings and eating protocols
  • How to converse with style and grace