Etiquette for Children & Teens

Teaching children the importance of good manners at an early age will instill a polite, kind and well-liked young adult.  Children learn by example, and they follow your lead on how to be respectful, courteous, kind, polite and thoughtful.

By instilling good manners at an early age, you are providing children with the qualities necessary to be confident and successful in any situation.  Learning proper etiquette as teenagers will prepare them for entering the business world to make the best impression possible.


Good Manners for Any Situation

Table Manners

Proper dining etiquette for all occasions
The proper way to set a table to how to conduct yourself are necessary skills.

Communication Skills

Listening and responding in polite conversation
Communicate with confidence by learning the proper skills for any situation.

First Impressions

Ensure your first impression is the best
Learn how to make the best first impression

What They Will Learn

  • Basic etiquette for everyday
  • Conversation and listening skills
  • Dining skills and table manners
  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Interviewing skills for college and career